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The college possesses an idyllic green campus. Although situated at the heart of Tihu Town, the college boasts of a healthy environment conducive to learning. Located on the eastern bank of the Tihu river, the college has two campuses with a residential area in between the Eastern and the Western. The Eastern Campus has two adjacent blocks -the Administrative Block and the Academic Block, while the Western Campus encompasses the College Playground and the Boys' Hostel


* The South Block or Administrative Block

It comprises the Principal's Chamber, Principal's Office, Vice-Principal's Office and the Office of the Examination Branch with a few class rooms. Moreover, at present, there are six departments in this block-
Education , History , Economics, Philosophy , Political Science and Sanskrit

* The North Block or the Academic Block

It comprises the Central Library, Library Reading Room, Community Information Centre (C.I.C.), Biotech Hub, Day Care Centre, Classrooms, Laboratories, and a well-furnished Canteen. Besides, the Office of the Community College lies in this block, which has presently been running the classes of the Diploma in Food Processing. In this block, there are also nine departments -
Assamese, English, Geography Physics , Chemistry, Zoology Botany, Mathematics and Computer Science


This campus is located on the east bank of the river Tihu. It comprises a spacious playground with 4 acres of land. The southern part of this Campus is the proposed site for the construction of fully equipped and well-furnished Boys' hostel.

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Central Library:

The Central Library of the college has a collection of 35,922 books, 35 journals, magazines and periodicals. The Library also maintains Book Bank provision consisting of 4,500 essential books for financially disadvantaged students

The process of digitization of the Library is going on. The library is enriched with the following special items-

  1. Complete series of Encyclopaedia Britannica
  2. Complete series of Encyclopaedia Americana
  3. The Environment Encyclopaedia
  4. Encyclopaedia of Social Sciences.
  5. Science and Technology Encyclopaedia
  6. The Oe w Book of Popular Science
  7. The Bri tannica Great Books
  8. Shakes peare series
  9. The Complete Works of Laksminath Bezbaruah
  10. The Complete Works of Rabindra Nath Tagore
  11. The Complete Works of Mahatma Gandhi
  12. The Complete Works of Bhupen Hazarika
  13. The Complete Works of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala
  14. Asomiya Biswakosh
  15. Updated and important Oxford Dictionaries
  16. Old Sanchipat Manuscripts
  17. Reference books, Magazines, Newspapers and Journals
  18. Well- organised Catalogue System
  19. Aspaci ous reading room with Xerox facilities.Internet access to students on demand.

Departmental Library and Teachers' Common Room

Each Department has a separate departmental common room for teachers along with a Departmental Library, which is enriched with textbooks, reference books and journals of the concerned Department.


All Science Departments, Department of Geography, Department of Education and Department of Computer Science have well equipped Laboratory facilities. A new laboratory for Physics Department has been constructed with the aid of the UGC. Special power supply facility has already been provided to all these laboratories for smooth conduct of practical classes.


A well furnished RCC Women's Hostel with full facilities for accommodation of girl students from far flung areas is operative at present.The Women's Hostel funded by the UGC has 44 seat capacity. Extension works on the Hostel have already started for accomodating more girls coming from far-off places. Construction of a two-storied Boys' Hostel is going on in full swing. The Hostel is nearing completion and the College Authority is expecting it to be operative from the current academic session.


Tihu College possesses an attractive auditorium named "K.C.Deka Memorial Auditorium´┐Ż and it is a readily accessible place to organize all Academic and Cultural programmes, Symposiums, Seminars, Workshops, Training programmes etc.

Chilled Pure Drinking Water

Water is the elixir of life. Pure drinking water is a must for a healthy life. The students can avail chilled and pure UV-treated drinking water within the college campus, in both North and South Blocks, thus ensuring their own health and well-being.


The College playground, situated on the east bank of the river Tihu in a sylvan setting, provides facilities for Athletics, Football, Cricket and other Outdoor Games. Volleyball, Badminton and Kabaddi courts are available within the main campus of the College, in the North Block. Besides, a scientifically framed out Basketball Court has already been constructed in the same block last year and the is available for the students' use.


Tihu College possesses so many modern equipments of Gymnasium which are going to be installed in a separate room. A well-equipped and modern Gymnasium with full facilities is going to be constructed with funds spared from the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the College. Students and local enthusiasts will be able to utilise them soon.

Day Care Centre

A Day Care Centre has been built with the aid of the UGC funds within the College Campus for recreation of teachers. It is situated in the North Block of the College Campus.


A well equipped and hygienic canteen has been serving the college family since 2003. It is run by a local party on lease. Students as well as teachers too get due facilities here for refreshment.

Information and Career Guidance Cell (ICGC)

This cell helps the students by providing latest information about various career development and employment opportunities. It organises special classes on career counselling by experts from outside with the aid of UGC.
Co-ordinator: Dr. S. Bharali, M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D.

N.C.C. and N.S.S.

The students may get associated with the programmes of N.C.C. and N.S.S which will not only help their career and social involvement, but also imbibe national consciousness, and ignite the spirit of service in them.
Associated N.C.C. Officer : Prof. C.K. Bhattacharyya, M.A. (Double)
N.S.S. Programme Officer : Mr. Sanjib Sarma

Mountaineering Association

Tihu College Mountaineering Association organises trekking, river rafting and landscape mapping programmes every year for the enthusiastic students. Joint Secretaries:
Prof. D. N. Sarma, MA, B. Muse.
Mr. A. Thakuria.

Digital Language Lab

To meet the challenges of the present academic environment, soft skill development practice besides other curricular aspects is increasing day by day. Our college too has been striving in that direction. As a solid step, a proposal is forwarded to the UGC for establishing a Digital Language Lab to equip students in particular for the communicative skills and other knowhows of language subjects

Tihu College Dramatic Society

This society offers opportunity to the students interested in performing art and cultural programmes and imparts training in different arts of drama.
Co-ordinator: Prof. H. Rajbongshi, M.A.

Tihu College Photographic Society

The main aim of this society is to bring self-dependance through vocational education. The society will impart training to the students interested in photography, which has wide applications in newspapers, magazines, audio-visual media etc.
Co-ordinator: Mr.K. Pathak,MLISc.

Grievance Redressal Cell

This Cell is constituted to expeditiously address the problems and serious grievances of the students, teachers and employees.
Co-ordinator: Prof. P. C. Das, M.Sc.

Right to Information (RTI) Cell

As per the directives of Right to Information Commission, Govt, of Assam; Tihu College has opened a cell to provide information in academic as well as other matters for proper maintenance of transparency in the administrative machinery of the College.

Tihu College Health Club

The Health Club organises regular health check up camps for the students and employees, and hopes to extend its public services vigorously. During the last academic sessions, too, free health check-up camps were organised under the aegis of the GNRC Hospitals, Guwahati for the benefit of the students. Moreover, the Club also provides facilities of routine health check-up for its students, the employees and other stakeholders every Saturday from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. by reputed and experienced senior physicians.
Co-ordinator: Prof. G.N. Talukdar,M.Sc.

Women's Forum

This "self-organised group" under the leadership of the lady teachers of this College is engagaed in various social activities, especially in women's upliftment in backward areas. Various dimensions of women and children are the focus areas of its activities. The forum also organises seminars, lecture sessions, workshops etc to promote gender equality.
president: Prof. (Ms) K. Choudhury, M.A.
Secretary: Prof. (Ms) B. Deka, M.A., M.Phil

Red Ribbon Club: Tihu College Branch

Founded in January 2014, under the aegis of the Assam State AIDS Control Society, the Red Ribbon Club, Tihu College Branch undertakes awareness campaign, its prevention and control among the student community. Besides, it will also undertake awareness programmes in the localities adjacent to the college.
Project Officer: Prof. B. Baruah, MSc, BEd.

Research, Consultancy and Extension Education Cell

This cell of the College organises extension education programmes, adult literacy schemes etc in addition to awareness drives undertaken from time to time. Besides, the cell also publishes the annual 'Tihu College Research Journal' having ISSN No. 2248-9657. Joint Co-ordinators:
Dr. G. N. Choudhury, M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D.
Dr. (Ms) D. Das Deka, M.Sc., BLISc, Ph.D.

Tihu College Alumni Association

It is involved in the developmental activities of the College. This Association is a good platform for ex-students of the College who are welcome to express their free instructive opinions and constructive ideas and feel proud of being an invaluable part of the College. The campus wall of Tihu College constructed by the donations of Alumni is a notable welfare activity of Tihu College Alumni Association.
Joint Co-ordinators :
Dr. R.C. Kalita, M.A., Ph D
Dr. D. Deka., M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D.

Guardians' Association

The College has a Guardians' Association, a platform for the guardians of the students who come together to participate in the academic development of their wards. Two Guardians' Meets are generally organised on suitable dates in an academic session, the dates being decided by the Academic Committee.
Joint Co-ordinators:
Prof. (Ms) K. Deka, MSc,
Prof. G.N. Talukdar,MSc

Anti - Ragging Squad

Conforming to the directives of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and the UGC to curb the menace of ragging from Educational Institutions of India, Tihu College has also constituted an 'Anti-Ragging Squad' headed by the Principal. This squad monitors closely the goings on in and around the College campus during the initial weeks from the starting of classes of the odd semester.

Automatic Raingauge Station

It is a welcome gesture of India Meteorological Station, Govt. of India, to allot an Automatic Raingauge Station at our college. This station will certainly help geography dept. students as well as local scholars to monitor the atmospheric state and rainfall patterns in and around Tihu locality.

Bio-Tech Hub

Tihu College has established a Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, sponsored Bio-Tech Hub in the academic year 2013-14. The centre is expected to execute meaningful research works in its sphere and create an ambience for future scholars and enthusiasts in the arena of biotechnology. The Hub has been functioning progressively and has already organised a number of seminars and workshops to the benefit of scholars and enthusiasts in the related disciplines.

Endangered Green Bank

A brainchild of the Botanical Society of Tihu College, an Endangered Green Bank is established in the academic session, 2014-15 within the main campus (North Block) of the college. The Green Bank will be instrumental in conservation the locally available but endangered plant species, particularly the fruit bearing ones. Various endangered species of plants have already been planted in this garden as a measure to preserve those locally available species on the verge of extinction.


The IQAC has been set up in 2004 with a view to achieving action plans for quality evaluation, quality sustenance and quality upgradation of the College. Accordingly, the cell has been making untiring effort to motivate and guide the students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the college to achieve quality excellence. Some of the most important steps for quality assurance and maintanance taken up by the IQAC are the introduction of Student Feed Back System, Planning for Examination Reform and facility enhancement for the benefit of the students.

On & Off Campus Safety

The College Authority seriously takes the issue of safety of students both inside and outside the campus. The College is away from the hustle and bustle of heavy traffic. Two Security Guards have been appointed to ensure their safety within the College campus. Emergency medical service including ambulance service is readily available in the Tihu First Referral Unit (FRU) within 400 metre reach. On the Educational Field Trips and Excursions, two teachers-in-charge monitor the safety of students off campus. Mobile phones are allowed to be used by students while on such off campus activity.

Students' Union

The College has a vibrant tradition of democratic representation of students through annual election, the membership of which is mandatory in case of every bonafide student of the College. The teachers too render their services in guiding the students' union with a sense of responsibility as In-charges in different portfolios. The important activities of the Students' Union concentrate on holding Freshers' Social, Annual College Week festival, publication of the College Magazine, conducting Inter-College Debating Competitions, Symposiums, Social Service camps etc.

Uninterupted Power Supply

For smooth running of classes and other allied activities, Tihu College has already installed a powerful generator within the campus. Another powerful 10KV UPS has been installed in the Bio-Tech Hub for its uninterrupted and smooth functioning. One more 6KV UPS has been y provided to the Departments of Geography and Mathematics.

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